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Corporate News from 13 July 2023

13 July 2023 | 

Notice to Bondholders of voestalpine AG 2.75% Convertible Bonds due 2028 (ISIN AT0000937503)

Capitalised terms not otherwise defined below shall have the same meanings ascribed to them in the Terms and Conditions.

voestalpine AG announces to the Bondholders that the Conversion Price will be adjusted from originally EUR 40.8915 to EUR 40.4874 with effect from 13 July 2023 due to the payment of a Cash Dividend in the amount of EUR 1.50 per share to the shareholders of voestalpine AG, Linz, FN 66209 t, pursuant to § 10 (e) (ii) of the Terms and Conditions.

Following the adjustment of the Conversion Price, the Reference Dividend will be adjusted from EUR 1.20 to EUR 1.1881.