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Ad-Hoc News regarding 3rd Quarter FY 2013/14

11 February 2014 | 

voestalpine with stable profitability (margins) but slight declines in sales and earnings in the first nine months 2013/14

Although the macroeconomic lead-indicators moved back into growth territory in the second half of 2013, sales and earnings of voestalpine group, although with largely stable margins, still declined in the first three quarters 2013/14. The third quarter 2013/14 however seems to mark the trough.
Whereas the processing divisions Metal Engineering and Metal Forming were able to increase profits in an annual comparison, the Special Steel Division and in particular the Steel Division were negatively impacted by the far reaching weakness of large parts of the energy segment (pipeline and power plants).

Based on the recently placed pipeline projects and the recovery in most other industrial segments in the beginning of 2014, the turnaround of the earnings trend seems recognizable in the final quarter 2013/14.

Overall the results of voestalpine AG for 2013/14 (EBITDA, EBIT) from a present day perspective will come in somewhat beneath last year’s figures.

Key figures of voestalpine Group

(acc. IFRS;in EURm) Q1-Q3 2012/131
Q1-Q3  2013/14
in %
Revenue 8,652.5 8,384.1 -3.1
EBITDA 1,043.8 1,006.8 -3.5
EBITDA margin in % 12,1 12.0  
EBIT 607.2 573.0 -5.6
EBIT margin in % 7.0 6.8  
Profit before tax 473.7 456.5 -3.6
Profit for the period2 369.5 351.6 -4.8
EPS 1.83 1.71 -6.6
Gearing ratio in % (12/31)) 49.8 50.2  

1Business Year 2012/13 retroactively adjusted in accordance with IAS 19 (revised).
2Before deduction of non-controlling interests and interest on hybrid capital.