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New Management Board members from April 1, 2024

Carola Richter
Metal Forming Division

Gerald Mayer
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Reinhard Nöbauer
High Performance Metals Division

  • The internationally experienced manager Carola Richter joins the Management Board of voestalpine AG as Head of the Metal Forming Division at the start of the current business year 2024/25. She succeeds Peter Schwab, who was responsible for the division for ten years and left the Group on March 31, 2024.

    Carola Richter brings in-depth technical expertise and global experience in various operational management functions and has spent more than a decade working outside Europe, where the largest growth markets of the globally operating Metal Forming Division are located. She started her career in strategy consulting at McKinsey & Company and moved to the chemical group BASF in 2003. There she worked at both strategic and operational level and was most recently responsible for the Asia/Pacific business in Hong Kong/China and Singapore. Richter was also in charge for the profitability assessment of investments and the strategic optimization of value chains. Her broad range of experience covers sectors such as the energy, automotive, construction and consumer goods industries and forms an ideal basis for her future activities in the Metal Forming Division.

    With a doctorate in physics, Carola Richter is the first female member of the six-person Management Board of voestalpine AG.

    The ability to work in a team and trust in the excellent expertise of the employees are essential to further advance the Metal Forming Division of voestalpine AG. I am looking forward to my work at voestalpine with pleasure and equally great curiosity.

    Carola Richter, Head of the Metal Forming Division

  • Gerald Mayer takes over the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of voestalpine AG at the beginning of the current business year 2024/25, succeeding Robert Ottel, who left the Group on March 31, 2024.

    As a proven financial expert and experienced manager with international focus and relevant industry expertise, Gerald Mayer oversees the continuation of the Group's global growth strategy from April 1, 2024.

    Gerald Mayer began his career in tax consulting, followed by six years in industrial plant engineering before moving to the aluminum group AMAG in 2007, where he not only accompanied the company's IPO, but also made a significant contribution to the implementation of major growth projects. Turnover more than doubled during his 16 years on the Management Board. Mayer was the main point of contact for international investors and banks. He has in-depth knowledge of core sectors such as the aviation, automotive and construction industries.

    The handover of the CFO position from Robert Ottel to Gerald Mayer takes place in the midst of the transformation process from conventional steel production to climate-neutral production.

    voestalpine AG is also acting as a driver of innovation and, together with international partners, is conducting research into pioneering technologies such as HYFOR and SuSteel.

    As the world's leading materials and technology group, voestalpine AG has a unique combination of production and processing expertise. This ensures a broad diversification of the range of services and supports the resilience of the business model. The Group has a solid financial position. In addition, the defined strategic financing targets such as a debt repayment period (net financial debt : EBITDA) over the cycle of < 2 and gearing (net financial debt : equity) of less than 50% fit well with the Group's business model. The management with earnings targets such as ROCE (return on capital employed) supports the continuation of the value-enhancing growth course.

    Gerald Mayer, CFO

  • Reinhard Nöbauer, previously a member of the Management Board of the High Performance Metals Division, takes over as Head of the High Performance Metals Division at the beginning of the current business year 2024/25 and is a member of the Management Board of voestalpine AG since April 1, 2024. He succeeds Franz Rotter, who retired on March 31, 2024.

    A graduate of the Montanuniversität Leoben and ETH Zurich, Nöbauer has worked in various Group companies in Austria and abroad since 2005. Since 2011, he has been responsible for the Value Added Services business unit, the international sales organization of the High Performance Metals Division, and has driven forward both its global positioning and the expansion of services. This included the acquisition of the eifeler group of companies, which specializes in surface coatings, the expansion of heat treatment activities at the global sales locations and investments in what are now seven centers for additive manufacturing (3D printing with metal powder) worldwide. With innovative concepts such as engineered products, the division has extended its own value chain and, as a development partner, produces ready-to-install components using both conventional and additive manufacturing methods.

    The key strengths of the High Performance Metals Division are its technology base, its innovative strength and its ability to analyze opportunities intensively and search creatively for solutions. With our team, our high-quality range of materials and our broad technology portfolio - heat treatment, machining, coating, additive manufacturing - we are perfectly positioned.

    Reinhard Nöbauer, Head of the High Performance Metals Division

voestalpine is a globally leading steel and technology group with combined material and processing expertise, holding global top positions in its business units. The Group focuses on product and system solutions based on steel and other metals of the highest quality in technology-intensive industries and niches. Here you will find information about voestalpine investor relations.

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