isovac® Anwendungsbereiche E-Mobilität

Customized solutions are indispensable in a dynamic market marked by a wide variety of individual demands. With respect to compact engine design and high efficiency, we have just the product for each customer. isovac® is our non-grain-oriented electrical steel and stands for the highest energy efficiency in electromobility.
We offer our customers the highest quality standards, yet we continually define the limits of feasibility and never lose sight of our partners' best performance. We set new standards with isovac®, an innovative electrical steel with excellent properties that lead to high performance and unsurpassed sustainability.

Selected grades specially designed for e-mobility 

isovac® grades 
Low losses 
High polarization 
High strength 
isovac HP NO25-13 Y420
isovac HP NO27-14 Y420
isovac HP NO27-18 Y320
isovac HP NO30-15 Y420
isovac HP NO30-19 Y320
isovac HP NO35-18 Y420
isovac HP NO30-22 Y250
isovac HP 330-35A
isovac NO35-22 Y460
isovac NO35-22 Y500


voestalpine isovac® Güten im Detail

Grades in detail

For a wide range of requirements, especially for e-mobility Electromobility is an industrial sector that is growing dynamically worldwide and is marked by high individual demands with respect to efficiency and performance. With isovac®, we fulfill the demands of high permeability, low loss, high strength and quick development cycles for electrical and hybrid technologies.

voestalpine isovac® Lieferspektrum

Range of products

As individual as the customer Our isovac® product range includes conventional international standards as well as special grades with special properties. Individual widths and thicknesses can be quickly produced and supplied without any complications with the help of our integrated production process and high-performance logistics. Supply possibilities depend on the steel-grade-specific dimension limits.

voestalpine isovac® Isolierlacksysteme

Insulating varnish systems

Additional treatment to extend the functionality of our electrical steel We offer the highest quality in our insulating varnish systems. In close cooperation with leading European varnish producers, we supply insulating varnishes that meet specific customer requirements. The varnishes do not contain any toxic, carcinogenic or mutagenic substances.

Tailored solutions for individual demands


Our innovative electrical steel offers customer-specific solutions to a wide range of demands and areas of application: cars, scooters, buses, trains, bikes, taxis, aircraft tractors, airplanes, delivery trucks and trains.


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