Selected insulating varnishes specially designed for each area of application

We offer the highest quality in our insulating varnish systems. In close cooperation with leading European producers, we supply insulating varnishes that meet specific customer requirements. The varnishes do not contain any toxic, carcinogenic or mutagenic substances. The insulating varnish systems are classified in compliance with ASTM 976.

isovac® C3

Organic insulation system

This insulation system leads to improved stampability.

isovac® BL


Self-bonding technology is an innovative joining process for the production of electrical steel stacks. By means of a controlled chemical process, the coated sheet lamellae are joined cleanly and firmly into packages.

isovac® C5

Inorganic/organic insulation system

C5 insulation systems posses good weldability and resistance to annealing (under protective gas up to 850°C).

isovac® C6

Inorganic/organic insulation system

C6 coatings are pressure-resistant, thermal-resistant up to 420°C and suitable for burn-off repair. They are also hihly insulation-resistant.

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