System solution in a new dimension

The alform® welding system is the world’s first custom-matched system of steels and consumables for high-strength and ultra-high-strength welded structures. This opens up an entirely new dimension of our alform® steels with respect to material expertise.

Exceptional strength

The optimized system of tempering-resistant steel grades and adapted filler metals guarantees strength values in the welded joint across a wide range of parameters. These values meet the demands of the respective base materials.

Operational reliability

The steel grades and welding consumables in the system allow weld seams (heat-affected zone and filler metals) with excellent toughness. The excellent values guarantee high operating safety at low temperatures under complex loading conditions.

Best product quality

The alform® welding system stands for consistently high product quality in the base material and welding consumables. The proven system solution guarantees optimized component property profiles. Reduced costs and increased manufacturing reliability are achieved through the extended welding range. Our highly professional consulting services for your applications and comprehensive processing expertise perfectly round off the package.