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voestalpine Signaling Sainerholz GmbH

United, the companies voestalpine Signaling Sainerholz GmbH and voestalpine Signaling Austria GmbH form the Competence Unit, “Drive, Locking, Detection & Signaling" (CU DLD/S) in the voestalpine Railway Systems.

voestalpine Signaling Sainerholz GmbH CU DLD/S – core-competences

With the expertise of over 375 (in 2023) specialists in the CU DLD/S it has made it possible for us to develop, produce and assemble efficient solutions with and for railway infrastructure companies for over 35 years. Depending on the requirements, the products can be further developed individually in order that we can put customer needs first.
There are important factors for the safety of rail transport – above all, they must work precisely, be reliable and robust as well as withstanding extreme loads.

Worldwide projects on a large and small scale, as well as maintenance and repair work on running systems, are developed, coordinated, produced, installed and supported ex works.
With more than 26,000 point machines, locking and signaling systems in operation around the world, the solutions from voestalpine Railway Systems CU DLD/S reliably offer consistency for railway infrastructure operators and their passengers: PERFORMANCE ON TRACK®.

  • Maximize track availability with our product range.

  • The Railway Systems Academy has been offering a global training network since 2020 and stands for comprehensive professional development and knowledge advantage in the railway sector. The expert product know-how as well as maintenance training, is imparted at the training centre on the Sainerholz campus by our own service technicians, with lots of practical experience and passion for their profession. This enables customers to maintain the installed products with their own team and optimise technical availability.

    Providing unique added value for knowledgeable advantage and reliable availability of products in times of a shortage of skilled workers, the training programme offers a wide range of training courses. This offers an additional value, allowing customers to benefit from expert knowledge and practical experience in addition to the product, service and system solutions.

  • 1986: Formation of Contec

    1991: in May the company moves to Sainerholz

    1990/91: order on Sel track work for the High Speed Line Madrid - Sevilla

    1992/93: prototype of the first point machine

    1993/94: building of new production hall

    1994/95: first supplies and installations of point machines in Jena and BVG, Berlin

    1995: signal bridges for Deutsche Bahn

    1996: new production hall for chipping

    1999: first installation of CONTEC point machine at Deutsche Bahn

    2000: order for 115 point machines for MURCO in Mashhad, Iran which openend new possibilities for the global trading distribution of point machines

    2001: new development and commercial launch of point machine CSV 24

    2002: establishment of hollow sleeper point machines in North America

    2003: installation of point machine with two setting levels for DB AG

    2003: further extension of CONTEC production area

    2003: at the end of 2003 the CONTEC logo – representing the conical CONTEC rail plug - is replaced by CONTEC‘s new logo, showing a symbol of a point machine and a turnout

    2005: joining the voestalpine VAE Group

    2007: State of the Art: CONTEC introduces the TCS 300 Control Systems

    2007: the next generation: successful product launch of UNISTAR CSV 24 PV and UNISTAR HR

    2009: supply of 183 units UNISTAR HR for Metro Sao Paulo, Brazil

    2009: the new office and training building is ready

    2012: supply of UNISTAR HR COMPACT for the project ALL, Brazil

    2013: first supply of Signaling systems to SRO with UNISTAR HR electro-mechanic drive

    2014: CONTEC is renamed "voestalpine Signaling Sainerholz GmbH" after the creation of the voestalpine Signaling Group

Holger PÜTZ

Managing Director - CEO
Sales & Marketing / Engineering / Research & Development


Managing Director - COO
Signaling Technology / Operations

Gerald KNAPP

Managing Director - CFO
Finance & Controlling / IT


Terms & Conditions, Facts

  • voestalpine Signaling Sainerholz GmbH

    Oberahrer Str. 9
    56244 Ötzingen-Sainerholz

    Legal Form: Limited Liability Company (GmbH)

    Registered Office: Sainerholz

    Company Registry Number: HRB 3179 at the Regional Court Montabaur
    Value Added Tax-Number: DE 149340447

  • voestalpine Signalings philosophy and quality policy focuses on the customer. We want to add value for our customers and create partnerships based on a fair price-performance ratio. We are guided by customer specifications regarding reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) and continuously improve our products in order to contribute to increased performance and safety of railway infrastructure. We live for open cooperation, teamwork and clear communication with suppliers and customers as well as on an internal basis.

    We commit ourselves to a zero defect philosophy. This does not only apply for products but literally means zero defects in all our processes and working steps that reflected in a sophisticated quality-, environment-, occupational health and safety- as well as energy management system. We comply with legal regulations. We continuously improve quality being guided by our HSEE policy.

    Skilled, motivated and result driven employees form the foundation of our enterprise. We put continuous development of our employees into the center and integrate them best possible into our processes and decisions. The optimization of our corporate image and a strengthened corporate identity support our endeavor.