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voestalpine Signaling Sainerholz GmbH

voestalpine Signaling Sainerholz was started in 1986 and is located in “Westerwald” in Germany. The company functions as a competence centre for point machines and signalling systems for turnouts, as well as for signals.  voestalpine Signaling Sainerholz develops, manufactures and distributes its products from its location in Sainerholz, Germany.

  • 1986: Formation of Contec

    1991: in May the company moves to Sainerholz

    1990/91: order on Sel track work for the High Speed Line Madrid - Sevilla

    1992/93: prototype of the first point machine

    1993/94: building of new production hall

    1994/95: first supplies and installations of point machines in Jena and BVG, Berlin

    1995: signal bridges for Deutsche Bahn

    1996: new production hall for chipping

    1999: first installation of CONTEC point machine at Deutsche Bahn

    2000: order for 115 point machines for MURCO in Mashhad, Iran which openend new possibilities for the global trading distribution of point machines

    2001: new development and commercial launch of point machine CSV 24

    2002: establishment of hollow sleeper point machines in North America

    2003: installation of point machine with two setting levels for DB AG

    2003: further extension of CONTEC production area

    2003: at the end of 2003 the CONTEC logo – representing the conical CONTEC rail plug - is replaced by CONTEC‘s new logo, showing a symbol of a point machine and a turnout

    2005: joining the voestalpine VAE Group

    2007: State of the Art: CONTEC introduces the TCS 300 Control Systems

    2007: the next generation: successful product launch of UNISTAR CSV 24 PV and UNISTAR HR

    2009: supply of 183 units UNISTAR HR for Metro Sao Paulo, Brazil

    2009: the new office and training building is ready

    2012: supply of UNISTAR HR COMPACT for the project ALL, Brazil

    2013: first supply of Signaling systems to SRO with UNISTAR HR electro-mechanic drive

    2014: CONTEC is renamed "voestalpine SIGNALING Sainerholz GmbH" after the creation of the voestalpine SIGNALING Group


Holger PÜTZ

Managing Director - CEO
Sales & Marketing / Engineering / Research & Development


Managing Director - COO
Signaling Technology / Operations

Gerald KNAPP

Managing Director - CFO
Finance & Controlling / IT


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  • Tunnel application: With UNISTAR point machines no construction work has to be carried out in the tunnel. Thanks to their compact design, almost all UNISTAR point machines can be installed between the gauges and even the hydraulic unit of the UNISTAR HR can be mounted directly on the tunnel wall. UNISTAR point machines are therefore a very space-saving and reliable solution for tunnel applications.

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