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Maintenance & Recycling

railway maintenance and recycling

High performance, low costs. Maximizing availability, minimizing operating costs – those are the strategic objectives of our customers. Our systems help them achieve these goals through an innovative combination of products and services. The maintenance of railway infrastructure calls for sophisticated concepts and sound strategies. Safety, life cycle costs and availability needs to get the focus.


Close to the customer and the environment. We perform corrective and preventive railway maintenance according to the individual needs of the customer. We particularly rely on comprehensive preventive measures to ensure the overall optimization of track maintenance and life cycle costs. Every extra step contributes to an even more sustainable rail network. For this reason, we take back scrap materials and recycle them to put them to another purpose - a perfect cycle.

Added value:

  • Regular inspections (also using test car)
  • Complete work site logistics
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Mechanized turnout grinding
  • Joining / repair welding
  • Acceptance of scrap materials
  • Railway recycling, disposal




Logistic selection

Out-of-track Services

In-track Services

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