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LCC-Optimized Rail Solutions for Mixed Traffic

Our comprehensive range of rail sections and rail steels, combined with innovative material concepts and advanced HSH® heat treatment, ensures optimal performance and longevity for railway tracks across various applications and maintenance strategies.

Depending on the predominant damage mechanism, we define suitable areas of application for our rail grades. For lines at risk of head-checking, we offer the 340 Dobain® HSH® grade. In areas with increased wear and slip waves, we recommend our perlitic rail grade 400 UHC® HSH® (R400HT). Recent track experience shows that this rail strategy gives the longest service life and, due to reduced maintenance, the lowest life cycle costs.

340 Dobain® HSH® - Innovative Solution for Head Check Prevention:

Our 340 Dobain® HSH® rail grade employs a unique combination of Dobain® material concept and HSH® technology to effectively prevent the initiation of head checks. This groundbreaking approach tackles head check mechanisms at a physical level, ensuring a more durable and reliable track.

Benefit from

  • Highest track availability
    Permanently quiet operation
  • HSH®technology
  • No head checking
  • Lowest life cycle costs
  • Easy to weld
  • Lowest maintenance requirements

400 UHC® HSH® - Ultimate Wear Resistance and Stability:

For areas with increased wear and slip waves, our 400 UHC HSH rail grade is the ideal choice. The UHC® steel design, coupled with HSH® technology, creates a microstructure that enhances resistance to wear, corrugation, and RCF. This translates to noise and vibration damping, superior profile stability, and exceptional running behavior.

Benefit from:

  • Reduced noise and vibration due to reduced slip wave growth
  • Highest profile stability and associated good running behaviour

Key Benefits of our Rail Solutions for Mixed Traffic

  • Our rail solutions are designed to optimize track performance on technical, economic, and ecological levels, providing you with a track that's built to last.

  • We carefully select rail grades based on the prevailing damage mechanism, offering specialized solutions for different track conditions.

  • Experience longer service lives and reduced maintenance requirements with our rail strategy. 

  • By choosing voestalpine Railway Systems' solutions, you're investing in a track that not only lasts longer but also leads to lower life cycle costs due to reduced maintenance needs.

  • Our Welding Competence Center is on hand to assist our customers and ensure the highest possible quality of welds right from the start.

    The services include:

    • Welding consulting during the introduction of new products
    • Welder training
    • On-site supervision of welding work
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Development work around rail welding#


Our Premium Services - Your Partner in Excellence

Experience the advantage of our rail services, including:

Technical Support Team: Our expert team offers comprehensive assistance, from in-track performance evaluation to whole track system optimization, wheel-rail interface optimization, RAMS, and LCC consulting.

Cutting-Edge Welding Solutions: Collaborating with renowned welding material suppliers, our Competence Center Welding constantly enhances rail welding technology. We provide training, on-site welding inspection, and expert guidance.

Efficient Logistics: Benefit from our optimized logistics chain, ensuring smooth rail delivery to any construction site in Europe or overseas. Our just-in-time deliveries minimize downtime and enhance project efficiency.

Transform your rail infrastructure with voestalpine Railway Systems' LCC-optimized rail solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how our cutting-edge technology and unmatched expertise can elevate your rail projects.