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    We solve the challenges of railway infrastructure providers with the most comprehensive and innovative portfolio of infrastructure products and services.

Railway Innovation. New Paths for the Future.

A rail infrastructure needs innovative system solutions if it is to cope with pressure. Innovation extends the available options and sets standards for future market trends. Thanks to optimized materials and geometries combined with the latest manufacturing technology, we can guarantee optimum product performance and quality for railway systems.  

Integration counts. The interface between track and signaling technology is optimized by fully integrated and customized switching, locking and monitoring devices, while intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems supply relevant data for targeted maintenance operations.

Close cooperation. We make sure that we always talk to the responsible infrastructure managers about their requirements prior to the procurement phase. This allows us to develop a perfect, tailor-made solution in relation to costs over the life of the product.

voestalpine Railway Systems values - innovation and lcc tool

Tool based on extensive experience. voestalpine Railway Systems' LCC tool is for example the first one of this type in the world in that it taps into our unique experience in the form of test track installations jointly monitored with our customers. It permits users to select a wide range of parameters themselves (e. g. system of operation, curve radius, load, maintenance regime), taking this as the basis to calculate the most important economic decision criteria such as capital value, annuity levels and return on investment.

An eye on the future at all times. Whatever our solution, we always have our eye on the future. In the understanding that the railway system can succeed only when acting in partnership with the segment stakeholders due to the increasing complexity of interconnections that require intelligent cooperation, we support rail infrastructure from application of the best bidder principle for procurement to cooperative asset management as medium-term potential. The EU research initiative Shift2Rail is just one of the drivers of the future with whom voestalpine also cooperates to a significant extent in this context.

The systematic research approach to the whole rail life cycle (from production of a rail until rail removal) is our key issue. Therefore we focus on a number of specific research areas: 

  • Basic research: The basic behavior of rails under different loading conditions is analyzed concerning damage and material reaction together with internal and external partners.
  • Process optimization: Continuous optimization of our products and processes concerning rail production provides highest quality levels for all our rail grades.
  • New product development: The development of new deployment-optimized rail grades with pearlitic or a bainitic material structure ensures that our customers will have at their disposal high quality and durable products also in the future.

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