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Getzner Werkstoffe

voestalpine Railway Systems cooperates with Getzner Werkstoffe - Reduced life cycle costs for railway tracks as a result of combined system expertise. voestalpine and Getzner Werkstoffe are mutually reinforcing their railway superstructure expertise with an agreement on worldwide cooperation in the area of vibration protected railway components. The cooperation includes the development, manufacture, and marketing of vibration isolating products and systems to improve the quality of railway tracks.

Getzner and voestalpine Railway Systems cooperation

More elasticity for greater comfort. The integration of elastic solutions in the railway superstructure protects against vibration and reduces track stress and thus the costly maintenance effort. With their cooperation, voestalpine and Getzner offer railway operators worldwide additional opportunities to increase the performance of sensitive railway network components and reduce life cycle costs.


  • Highly effective vibration protection
  • Greater comfort for passengers
  • Higher availability of and longer service lives for railway lines
  • Less wear of superstructure components
  • Reduction of maintenance and life cycle costs
  • Higher track stability and track quality

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