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Diagnostic and Monitoring Technologies for Infrastructure

Digital Performance on Track®

Your goal is to transport millions of people and freight quickly, safely and efficiently every day. Increasing demands on infrastructure and the requirement for 24/7 availability mean that you are being confronted by unprecedented challenges worldwide. Rising maintenance costs are often the result. But in order to survive in competition with other modes of transport, optimized life cycle costs are essential for you. With our intelligent diagnostic and monitoring system ROADMASTER®, we record the condition of your infrastructure permanently. This enables proactive condition based maintenance.

For the highest levels of availability. With the lowest lifecycle costs. That's what we stand for. Digital Performance on Track®.


  • Increasing traffic volumes, the megatrend towards urbanization and evolving customer requirements are predicated on 24/7 availability
  • Significantly increased utilization places greater stress on the track infrastructure
  • Further optimization of maintenance is required to cope efficiently and safely with increasing demand
  • Delays and interruptions lead to dissatisfied customers and lost revenue
  • Up-to-date asset information enhances tools for planning and delivery of maintenance work

ROADMASTER® is the answer to the increased demands in rail transport worldwide. We enable maximum route availability at the same time as optimizing lifecycle costs, thus contributing to increased profitability. In addition, we provide an effective support tool when maintenance work is required.

Our recommendation

DMT infrastructure application for Roadmaster

A reliability-centered approach ensures a made-to-measure, successful maintenance strategy for each individual asset. The ability to plan maintenance and repair work guarantees you optimized costs over the entire lifecycle.

The failure reduction of 42% since using ROADMASTER® SCM has convinced us.



  • Targeted information is available 24/7 – from situational awareness of the infrastructure to performance details of individual assets
  • Predictive maintenance reduces downtime and ensures maximum line availability
  • Better planning results in a reduction in maintenance-related overtime as well as optimizing maintenance management and spare parts logistics
  • Contribution to system networking to support the vision of Smart Cities
  • Provision of a digital tool for skilled personnel to implement optimized maintenance and right first time results
  • ROADMASTER® can be used by all sectors in the rail industry, and irrespective of infrastructure concept and age

ROADMASTER® - Intelligent Diagnostic Platform

On our intelligent diagnostic platform, the direct condition recording of the monitored assets as well as the evaluation of targeted information takes place in order to enable optimized asset management and efficient maintenance planning.

ROADMASTER® Categories

ROADMASTER® offers various applications to provide infrastructure operators and maintainers with valuable information about the condition and performance of their assets.

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