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Responsibility for man, society and the environment.

Responsible for making tomorrow‘s world livable. Steel makes an essential contribution to a sustainable future. The use of steel in the railway sector can bring significant energy savings and help reduce CO2

voestalpine Railway Systems values - sustainability

Sustainability and efficiency are issues that are growing in importance in all areas of daily life – but nowadays social working conditions and the responsible use of resources are also coming in for greater attention. As the global market leader and part of a technology group that sets great store by environmentally compatible processes and products, we likewise play a pioneering role here, relying on active environmental management - regarding both manufacturing and our products and services.

We have been awarded e. g. for the use of renewable energy from our own hydroelectric facility, return of waste heat to public networks and fully CO2- neutral production at Europe‘s largest steel processing plant.

voestalpine Railway Systems values - sustainability

Focus on the environment. Environmental responsibility is not just an empty promise, but the result of focused performance. Besides the development of innovative technologies and methods to guarantee the required availability and reduce overall system costs, we see taking account of environmental impact as a key part of adding value for both customers and society. We are spurred on here by the fact that nowadays this is no longer possible without extensive digitalization, diagnostic/monitoring systems, data analytics and preventive maintenance regimes.

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