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HSH® rails for metros

The trend toward urbanization has led to a steady increase in the population of our world's metropolises in recent decades. At the same time, demand and requirements for local public transport have increased. Modern metro systems, as the backbone of local public transportation, play a key role in coping with the increasing number of passengers. Metro operators have to face ever greater challenges in terms of availability, reduction of noise and vibration, and sustainability, among other things.

To meet these challenges holistically, voestalpine Railway Systems relies on the concept of "life cycle optimization. The use of state-of-the-art rail steels and the most efficient maintenance technologies lead to an extension of rail service life and maintenance cycles and thus contribute significantly to the technical and economic optimization of the entire track.

This holistic approach leads to:

  • Lowest life cycle costs
  • Highest track availability
  • Permanently quiet operation
  • The 400 UHC® HSH® is currently the most resistant rail steel used in the metro sector. The use of this steel grade leads to a significant reduction in wear and slip wave formation. The additional increased resistance to rolling contact fatigue makes this rail an all-round talent for metro applications.

    The advantages of this rail are:

    • Longest track laying times
    • Noise and vibration damping due to reduced slip shaft growth
    • Highest tread stability and associated good running behavior
    • Maximum operational availability with lowest life cycle costs
  • Our Welding Competence Center is on hand to assist our customers and ensure the highest possible quality of welds right from the start.

    Services include:

    • Welding consulting for the introduction of new products
    • Welder trainings
    • On-site supervision of welding work
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Development work around rail welding
  • In addition to the best possible initial quality of the track "rail," voestalpine Railway Systems is also paying increased attention to suitable rail maintenance and, together with its subsidiaries and partner companies, offers customized solutions for metros for this purpose.

    The basis for efficient rail maintenance is, for example, a smart measurement technology solution that is implemented together with our partner PJ Messtechnik GmbH. Here, measurement sensors are mounted on the customer's subway or maintenance vehicles and the rail measurement is carried out automatically. Within a very short time, the rail condition can be determined in the entire subway track network.

    For the reduction or complete elimination of identified rail damage in metro systems, voestalpine Railway Systems provides its customers with a highly efficient maintenance methodology: mobile rail milling technology.

    This allows rails in tracks and switches to be processed both regeneratively, corrective but also preventively. With this maintenance methodology, damaged rails can be restored to a near-new condition very efficiently and sustainably. This reduces unwanted noise emissions, increases ride comfort and extends rail service life.

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