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voestalpine launches advertising campaign

2010-10-08 | 

On the theme “When ideas come knocking, let them in” voestalpine will for the first time launch a classic advertising campaign in print, online and on TV this Friday.

  • voestalpine present through campaign for the first time in Austria and Germany
  • Campaign highlights importance of innovations and breadth of Group
  • Employees and their ideas take center stage
  • Target audience – general public and opinion leaders
  • voestalpine launches new website with social media integration

On the theme “When ideas come knocking, let them in” voestalpine will for the first time launch a classic advertising campaign in print, online and on TV this Friday. Through the campaign, the Group will offer the general public a glimpse into its world, focusing on the importance of innovation and placing its employees and their ideas on center stage. The campaign, which will take shape in several stages in Austria and Germany, was developed in collaboration with the advertising agency Jung von Matt/Donau.

Austria’s most research-focused industrial concern with some 40,000 employees will soon become increasingly familiar to newspaper readers, TV consumers and online users. The unusual media action staged by the corporate group, which produces, processes, and further develops high-quality steel products in 60 countries, is a somewhat surprising move for a B2B group. The campaign centers on the cornerstone of the Group’s corporate mindset: employees and their ideas. After all, every development begins with a person and their idea. voestalpine employees possess one singular trait: the ability to embrace novelty. Wolfgang Eder, Chairman of the Management Board of voestalpine AG, explains: “When an idea comes knocking at the door, there has to be someone there who will let it in and actually do something with it. Our employees believe there is nothing so good that they can’t improve it. They are the reason for our success.”

The campaign “When ideas come knocking, let them in”, which was developed in collaboration with the advertising agency Jung von Matt/Donau, highlights precisely this crucial moment of inspiration. The print subjects featured in the campaign reflect the breadth of products and services offered by the Group. The campaign shows that it is employees with ideas who make the difference and who ensure that voestalpine will stay one step ahead in the future.

Josef Koinig, CEO of Jung von Matt/Donau, agrees: “Not just in advertising, but also in industry, good ideas are more important than ever today. Working together with customers who see this in the same way is a lot of fun for everyone.”

The voestalpine campaign will be implemented in several stages, with coverage in Austrian and German media. For more information about the campaign along with the subjects and the TV spot, visit

New website for voestalpine AG

Alongside the launch of the initial advertising stage, the voestalpine AG website ( will also be getting a new look. When redesigning the website, the main objective was to make key information about voestalpine AG more easily accessible in a more intuitive format to shareholders, analysts, investors, media representatives and the general public.

Even now 100,000 users on average already visit the website each month. Going forward, the pages will feature a flatter structure and more clearly organized and streamlined topics, and the entire site will be fully integrated in the social media platforms.

Gerhard Kürner, Head of Corporate Communications and responsible along with his team for the new advertising campaign and website, sums it up: “The new corporate website enhances voestalpine AG’s profile as an umbrella over the successful business units. Optimized search functions ans extensive links to various platforms on the internet put voestalpine one step ahead in this area as well.”

voestalpine Group

voestalpine is a globally active group with a number of specialized and flexible companies that produce, process and further develop high-quality steel products. The Group is represented by 360 production and sales companies in more than 60 countries. With its highest quality flat steel products, voestalpine is one of Europe's leading partners to the automotive, white goods and energy industries. Furthermore, voestalpine is the world market leader in turnout technology, tool steel and special sections, as well as number one in Europe in the production of rails. The voestalpine Group generated revenues of EUR 8.55 billion in the business year 2009/10 and employs around 41,000 staff throughout the world.