Steel Division

Cam units

Standard cam units

Our standard cam units are used to punch, cut and form sheets and plates. Cam slide units make it possible to punch, cut and form sheets as they are pressed into the various shapes of auto bodies.

Special cam units

If a suitable slide unit cannot be found in our standard program, we will be glad to manufacture one that meets your specific requirements. We use standard components in our units so that we can offer the largest possible part availability to our customers.

Download area

You will find important information about our products in the download center. Technical drawings have also been provided for your convenience in the download area and can be downloaded in CATIA and PDF formats. Please order our products comfortably by using our order service.

Advantages of sliding elements 

  • Patented system 
  • Optimized sliding fit due to maintenance-free sliding elements 
  • Surfaces hardened and ground 
  • Minimized wear and abrasion, long service life 
  • Exact guidance 
  • High absorption of lateral transverse forces 
  • Adjustable backlash 
  • Pneumatic spring adjustable and dismountable 
  • All individual components available as replacement parts 
  • Automatic kickdown on both sides 
  • Compliant with NAAMS standard
Automotive industry

Automotive industry

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Automotive subsuppliers

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Commercial vehicle industry