Creating the Green Energy for Tomorrow with Bilfinger Industrial Services

courtesy of Bilfinger Industrial Services

Creating the green Energy for Tomorrow: Bilfinger Industrial Services and voestalpine Grobblech – strong Partners for state-of-the-art Penstocks


Generating green energy is one of the questions of utmost importance in our time. This leads to an increasing demand for renewable energy sources. Pumped storage power plants play a crucial role in the energy transition towards a greener future as they bridge possible gaps in electricity produced from solar or wind energy.  

Tough conditions and a challenging environment are characteristic criteria for installing penstocks for pumped storage plants. Fabricating and welding deep inside the mountain demand a very high level of expertise as well as steel grades that combines both – the highest level of quality and a smooth and cost-efficient fabrication. 

A proven concept

As one of the leading manufacturers in engineering, building and installing penstocks, Bilfinger Industrial Services realizes complex penstock projects with high-quality thermomechanically (TMCP) rolled plates by voestalpine Grobblech. Thus, it is not surprising that the collaboration is a perfect match – as state-of-the art know-how in engineering and installation meets expertise in developing innovative steel grades for toughest applications. This is what characterizes the philosophies of Bilfinger and voestalpine. 

For many years, Bilfinger Industrial Services and voestalpine Grobblech have formed a strong partnership in using modern and cost-efficient thermomechanically rolled alform-steel grades for sophisticated penstock applications – a concept that has been proven throughout numerous projects over the last years, such as for Limberg III, Tauernmoos, Rodund or Obervermuntwerk II. 

The advantages of voestalpine’s thermomechanically rolled alform plates are convincing – best weldability that ensures a smooth, quick and cost-efficient processing thanks to a very low carbon equivalent.  This is especially important for construction works in a harsh environment.  

Bilfinger is convinced about the significant advantages of TMCP grades offered by voestalpine. “The installation of penstocks are always high-end projects with very strict requirements and demands to the fabricator. These are, doubtless, the new standard in the penstock segment. alform combines both – excellent technical parameters and, due to best weldability, a real cost benefit!”, says Wolfgang Tscherne, head of purchasing at Bilfinger Industrial Services. 

Moving forward

voestalpine Grobblech can offer the high strength steel grade alform plate 700M over the whole thickness range up to 80 mm based on the same chemical analysis concept. This puts the success story of TMCP material for penstock applications on the next level, as customers can benefit from longer plates (up to 16m!), shorter lead times and, last but not least, essential cost savings. Besides these proven concepts for different yield strengths, voestalpine also provides the appropriate welding consumables by our group company voestalpine Böhler Welding. 

Do you have a specific project in mind? Bilfinger and voestalpine are ready to present those innovative concepts for your penstock project!