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voestalpine Signaling USA, LLC.

The voestalpine Signaling USA, LLC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of voestalpine Signaling Siershahn GmbH of Germany, which falls under the metal engineering division. We are a technology leader in wayside diagnostic and monitoring systems for railroad rolling stock across North America. Our product portfolio consists of acoustic monitoring sensor (AMS), non safety-critical wireless train presence (WTP), as well as hot bearing (HBD), hot wheel (HWD), weighing in motion (WIM), and wheel impact load (WILD) detectors.  Our goal is client satisfaction through intelligent, tailor-made solutions.

  • Formerly DataTraks, Inc.
    In business from 1998 through 2016.
    Specialized in railroad monitoring systems, with a focus on acoustic bearing detection (ABD).
    Provided custom hardware and software services to the railroad industry.
    Acquired in January 2017 by voestalpine Signaling.
    Part of the metal engineering division.
    Headquarters located in Loveland, CO.
    15 employees.


Steve-Patrick STAHL

Managing Director - CEO / COO
Operations / Finances / Sales


Managing Director - CTO
Research & Development / Engineering / Software 


Products & Services

  • AMS: Acoustic Monitoring Sensor
    Continuous monitoring of bearing health during train operations provides a valuable source of information for optimizing maintenance and overhaul intervals of wheelsets.
    WTP: Wireless Train Presence
    A non safety-critical wireless wayside system providing contact closure or 24vdc power supply to auxiliary systems needing advanced train presence wake up.
    HBD/HWD: Hot Bearing Detection and Hot Wheel Detection
    Reliably monitor the temperature of axle bearing boxes, wheel rims, and brake discs of passing trains up to 300 mph.
    WIM/WDD: Weighing in Motion and Wheel Defect Detection
    Besides detecting wheel defects the functions are used as a dynamic rail scale at the same time; vehicle weight and load distribution are monitored during every passage and an unbalance or overload can be identified in time.

  • Installation services for diagnostic monitoring technologies (DMT)
    Maintenance services
    Remote monitoring services
    Coordinate civil work in railway environment

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