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voestalpine Signaling Poland Sp. z o.o.

voestalpine Signaling Poland Sp. z o. o. (former voestalpine Signaling Sopot Sp. z o.o.) is an engineering company, focused on continuous development, technical and organizational progress, innovation, implemented in close and constant contact with the customer and his needs. The company cooperates with many scientific centers and research institutes, as well as takes an active part in scientific conferences and publishes its solutions to technical and scientific problems. Our company deals primarily with the production, integration, installation and service of equipment and systems to improve the efficiency and safety of rail and road transport.

  • 1990: Founded as TENS Sp. z o.o. by employees of the Gdańsk University of Technology: Dr Jan Stolz, BEng; Dr Ryszard Krajewski, BEng; and Maciej Pełczyński, MEng.

    1990 - 1995: Development of ASDEK, a rolling stock diagnostic system, and its implementation in the Polish State Railways network.

    1995 - 2000: Development of ASDEK/SSD, a network diagnostic system for rolling stock, and its launch in the Polish State Railways network. Development and implementation of TENSAN, a system to assess the condition of suspension of railway vehicles. Building-up of company's servicing structures.

    2000 - 2005: Development and implementation of HADIAG, a line of devices for testing railway vehicle brake assemblies and testing brake systems of freight and passenger cars and locomotives. Development and implementation of STOLEM, a system to test bogie wheel load distribution. Development of SAPRO, a system for the automatic speed control of uncoupled cars, and its implementation at the Poznań Franowo shunting yard (in collaboration with KAMAX, current name: AXTONE).

    2005 - 2010: Sale of the majority shareholding to VAEE of the voestalpine Group (2006) and change of the company's name into voestalpine TENS. Thorough modernisation of ASDEK. Development of TENSAR, an integrated control and operation system, and its implementation at Poznań Franowo station.

    2010 - 2015: voestalpine HYTRONICS takes over 100% of the shares in voestalpine TENS (2011). Integration of the activities of voestalpine VAE Polska (current name: voestalpine Railway Systems Polska) in voestalpine TENS. In-house development of unique UniAC1 axle counter. Change of the company's name into voestalpine SIGNALING Sopot (2015).


Mariusz BULAWA

Managing Director - CEO
Strategic Business Development / HR / Research & Development / Project Management / Supply Chain Management


Managing Director - CFO
Finance & Controlling / IT-Management

Günther LEHNER

Managing Director - CSO
Sales / Key Account Management / Marketing / Product Management


Terms & Conditions, Facts

  • voestalpine Signaling Poland GmbH

    Jana z Kolna 26c
    81-859 Sopot

    Legal Form: Limited Liability Company (Sp. z o.o.)

    Registered Office: Sopot

    Company Registry Number: 177851 at the District Court Gdańsk-Północ in Gdańsk
    DVR-Number: 2834710
    Value Added Tax-Number: PL 5840253929

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