Slit strip with new strength for new lightweight designs

The high-performance line is unique in Europe with respect to dimensions and function and can slit sheet thicknesses up to 12 mm and strengths up to 1500 MPa without a problem. The technically challenging line design has now been successfully completed, and nothing more stands in the way of the startup scheduled in the fall of 2020.

Entire range of material

Thanks to superslit, hot-rolled strip steels such as alform 700M/S900MC/S960MC and new steel grades based on VDA 239 such as HR900Y1180T-MS (MS1200) not previously available in slit formats can now be taken into consideration for entirely new applications. This opens new lightweight design possibilities in the automotive industry because individual parts can now be manufactured using the newer high-strength steel grades.

Thicknesses up to 12 mm

The high-performance system slits sheet thicknesses up to 12 mm and strengths up to 1500 MPa. These values once again strengthen the pioneering position of voestalpine as one of the most innovative steel technology groups in the world. A large number of concepts and innovative projects in the automotive industry are made possible by the impressive performance plus of superslit.

High-precision processing

The groundbreaking performance of superslit would only be half as valuable if it meant restrictions in precision. Yet this is not the case with superslit. On the contrary, the production line is marked by the highest level of precision. A series of upgrades in the wide strip rolling mill, the push-pull pickling line and the new slitting line has enabled the narrowest thickness tolerances. Deviations in width and cutting quality are significantly reduced with the aid of new width measurement across the entire length of the strip. The newly available steels can now be supplied with the high level of precision customary in the automotive industry.

More possibilities, better for the environment

The automotive industry benefits from error-minimized production quality, optimal resource utilization with low waste and thicker steel grades in new dimensions. Especially in the field of lightweight design and in the production of large vehicles, this results in extended possibilities and exciting solutions. Not only the industry benefits, but the environment is also protected by these new and economical innovations in future mobility. The extended product range is fully in line with the sustainable product philosophy of voestalpine.