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Rail rolling mill

High-tech global player and full range supplier


Most modern rail rolling mill worldwide

To meet the demand of its customers on all 5 continents, voestalpine Schienen GmbH operates the largest and most efficient dedicated rail rolling mill in Europe. If the output of only one single year could be strung together, it would bridge the distance between Northern Europe and Southern Africa.


By deploying our ultra-flexible rolling technology, we manufacture weld-free rail sections up to 120 m, which are also available in many premium and super-premium heat-treated steel grades.

Customer benefit which is moreover reflected by the fact we offer the widest product range of all rail manufacturers worldwide including numerous special profiles.


However our competence is not limited to the production of rails in world-leading quality. By combining advanced technologies, process innovation, system know-how for the entire rail track, logistical expertise and service orientation, we can offer our customers a unique benefit package that is second to none. Based on this wide spectrum of differentiation as compared with other rail producers, we are set to maintain and expand our leadership in delivering the highest value for our customers.