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Monoblock Switch Assemblies

Monoblock switch assemblies with continuously wear-resistant track.

Availability, reliability, maintainability and safety with low LCC are key requirements of the operator and crucial for the competitiveness of the railways. In response, voestalpine BWG has developed a wear-resistant switch assembly for local transport turnouts. In this design, high wear-resistant steel is used throughout the area of the switch assembly in order to counteract wear, high maintenance costs and early component changes. An adaptation to the connection profile is always possible due to the variable design of the driving head in the monoblock and the height-variable sandwich design. Furthermore, it makes it possible to install energy-efficient insulated heating.

System Features and Materials:

  • Design as a flat bed switch assembly
  • Switch assembly design
  • With exchangeable switch (ZAD 30/45/S system)
  • With welded switch (Interchangeable due to welding process)
  • Special designs of switch assemblies for external curve turnouts and inner curve turnouts possible
  • Use of highly wear-resistant 400HB steel in the entire area of the switch assembly


  • Continuous monoblock with integrated switch adapter (ZAD 30/45/S) or welded switch
  • Low-wear running surface due to the use of highly wear-resistant 400HB steel for a significantly longer service life
  • Variable installation height makes it possible to adapt the system to all rail profiles
  • Individual travel head profiles for optimum wheelrail contact
  • Profile-specific connection at to the building ends for all common welding processes (e.g. aluminothermic)
  • High level of availability