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Elastic Track Support

The infrastructure in inner-city agglomerations has been subject to increasing demands in recent years.

Short shutdown periods for rail traffic, simple installation in road surfaces of any known type, even in green track, and rail replacement without destruction of the entire system are just a few of the relevant topics besides environmental protection, acquisition and life cycle issues. The elastically embedded track systems (EGG) of voestalpine BWG offer the right solutions here.

Technical description:

  • Adjustment of vertical deflection form 0.5-0.8 mm or 1.2-1.5mm via the stiffness of the foot profile
  • Non-ageing spring material (coating profiles); resistant to effects of weather, ozone, oil, petrol and de-icing salts
  • Low spring stiffness
  • Proven serviceability of the system
  • Demonstrably no destruction of the RCS profiles during submerged are built-up welding
  • All components are recyclable and partly reusable


  • Simple installation
  • Environmentally friendly full insulation for grooved rails for stray current and structure-borne noise minimization
  • Economic and easy installation by the use of customized profile geometries

The Rheinfeder (RF) System

The Rheinfeder (RF) fastening system represents the ideal supplement to the elastically embedded track (EGG). It is characterized by the variety of possible supports (e.g. sleepers with anchor rails) as well as applicable rail profiles.

Technical description:

  • The horizontal rail head deflection is < 2 mm according to VDV
  • The creep resistance of the ER is > 5 kN
  • In terms of stray current, the system has a resistant coating of G < 2.5 S/km according to DIN EN 50122-2 (VDE 0115-4) and DIN IEC 60093 (VDE 0303-30).
  • Low resonance coupling
  • Proven serviceability of the system
  • In compliance with DIN 45673-1,8, DIN EN 13146-4,9 as wall as DIN EN 45673-8:2010-8
  • All components can be recycled and partly be re-used


  • Conventional and simple installation including gauge and track alignment
  • Rail replacement without destroying the entire system » Minimizes shutdown periods for rail traffic
  • No tie rods (no shearing) in the road surface » High position stability
  • Noise insulation provided by the Rheinfeder system permits compliance with the noise regulations and terms (German Federal Emissions Act / 16 BlmSchV)
  • Stray current reduction provided by the Rheinfeder system permits compliance with the standards (DIN EN 50122-2/VDE 0115-4)
  • Cost savings compared to similar systems
  • System in use for many years throughout Europe with excellent properties confirmed by transport companies and renowned testing and monitoring institutes