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Innovation in traffic route engineering - System Rheinfeder (RF)

Elastic Track Support (EGG)


• Economic design for closed track construction
• Conventional and simple installation of the entire system,
   including track adjustment and gradient
• Rail replacement without destroying the entire system
• Short interruption of rail traffic
• No track rods
• Cost savings when compared to similar system
• high quality structureborne sound insulation
• Customizable for all track gauges
• Long service life and reduced maintenance

The system Rheinfeder installed in rail track-supporting laye

System Rheinfeder
Model Ri 53 in rail track-supporting layer

For rails type Ri 60 and Ri 53 on the market as "Tram RF"

Bayerwerke, Level crossing
Bayerwerke, Level crossing
BVG Berlin, Level crossing
BVG Berlin, Level crossing