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voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany GmbH

voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany GmbH (anciennement voestalpine BWG GmbH) est un spécialiste mondialement reconnu de la technologie des appareils de voie dans les domaines du trafic grandes lignes (trains à grande vitesse et trafic mixte), du trafic local (tramways, métros et métros) et des chemins de fer industriels et portuaires. Grâce à une recherche et un développement continus, nous garantissons notre position sur le marché et offrons à nos clients une gamme de produits de haute qualité. Un service étendu complète l'offre que nous proposons à nos clients.

  • La production d'appareils de voie a commencé il y a plus de cent ans.

    La Butzbacher Weichenbau Gesellschaft est spécialisée dans la conception et la production d'appareils de voie et de composants de voie pour la Deutsche Bahn depuis 1970.

    Depuis 1920, la Deutsche Reichsbahn possède un atelier de fabrication d'appareils de voie à Brandenburg-Kirchmöser.

    En 1976, la production d'appareils de voie en rails à gorge a débuté à Gotha.

    Après avoir racheté 65 % des installations de production d'appareils de voie de Brandebourg et de Gotha en 1991, la Butzbacher Weichenbau Gesellschaft a acquis les parts restantes de la Deutsche Bahn en 1998.

    Le groupe BWG a été intégré au groupe VAE.

    En 2003, BWG a été intégrée, avec VAE, à la division Systèmes ferroviaires de la société autrichienne cotée en bourse voestalpine AG.

    Depuis 2008, cela se reflète dans le nom de l'entreprise : voestalpine BWG.

    Depuis 2012, voestalpine BWG fait partie de la nouvelle division Metal Engineering de voestalpine AG.

    Depuis le 15 avril 2020, l'entreprise a un nouveau nom : voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany GmbH est une filiale de voestalpine Railway Systems (anciennement VAE), le leader mondial des solutions de systèmes d'infrastructure ferroviaire.


Markus BERND

Managing Director - CSO


Managing Director - CFO

    • Born1972
    • Joined voestalpine 01.10.2002
    • Joined the company 01.10.2018
    • Member of the Managment Board since 01.10.2018
    • Controlling
    • Finance
    • Human Ressources
    • IT
    • Law
    • Service (Operations)


Managing Director - COO

    • Born 1984
    • Joined voestalpine 01.04.2009
    • Member of the Managment Board since 01.03.2024
    • HSEE
    • Logistik Vignol
    • Operations Brandenburg, Butzbach, Gotha
    • OPEX 
    • Quality Management & Systems
    • Strategic Procurement
    • Technology Vignol
    • Materials and Welding Technology

Mark de VRIES

Managing Director

    • Born 1976
    • Joined voestalpine 01.05.2006
    • Joined the company 01.04.2019
    • Member of the Managment Board since 01.04.2019
    • voestalpine Railway Systems
      • Northern Europe group
      • Competence Center Track Solutions



Quality and Know-how – Made in Germany

voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany is represented throughout its home markets with four locations in Germany as well as subsidiaries and representative offices in Asia and the affiliated companies voestalpine Turnout Technology Netherlands and voestalpine Track Solutions Germany.

Butzbach, Deutschland
Brandenburg, Deutschland
Gotha, Deutschland
Dresden, Deutschland

Jobs and career

With more than 800 dedicated and highly qualified employees, we work with leading technology to expand our market position. We are recognized as a global specialist in advanced turnout technologies and services. The high level of technical expertise and innovative working methods of our engineers, as well as the solid craftsmanship of our skilled workers, ensure our technological leadership.

Current vacancies

voestalpine Jobportal

Nothing at the moment that matches your ideas and qualifications? Then simply use the opportunity to submit an unsolicited application.

Training at voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany

Are you looking for a challenging apprenticeship position in a strong team with the best development opportunities for your future career? Here you can find the vacant apprenticeship positions at voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany GmbH!

Our industrial-technical vocational training at the Brandenburg plant is supported by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family with funds from the European Social Fund and the State of Brandenburg.


Railway Systems Academy - Communication-Center-Brandenburg (CCB)

Innovation and rapid development in turnout technology require continuous education and training. The CCB is your contact for future-oriented training of your own team, for technical questions around the turnout and for an active dialog between operator and manufacturer.


  • Customized Solutions through Early Participation of voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany Specialists

    Track systems and their components are subject to very particular requirements during their life cycle. In order to meet these requirements and to develop an economically optimized system, often a holistic process assessment proves to be necessary and useful.

    voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany supports you by offering the following engineering services:

    • Tracking guidance analyses for optimized wheel-rail-contact
    • Slab track concepts
    • Permanent way assessment
    • LCC analysis
    • RAMS analysis
    • Technical documentation

    Preventing losses at interfaces, voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany helps you to develop customized products that respond to operational requirements. This approach leads to an optimization of the overall cost.

  • We Lead the Way

    Flawless switching is of primary importance at junctions and branches. The safety of passengers and the financial viability of the business depend on the turnouts. This applies to high-speed tracks, freight tracks for heavy cargo, as well as to high frequency transit and regional light-rail systems.

    High Maintenance Requirement

    Quality maintenance prevents breakdowns, reduces costs and increases the lifespan of turnouts. The setting and complexity of turnouts demand highly qualified and trained personnel. Additionally, a reserve of personnel for crisis management and their high degree of flexibility are key requirements. Intelligent concepts and good project management ensure that track access time is kept at a minimum.

    Qualified and Efficient

    voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany Service is a specialized partner for the maintenance of infrastructure. Now, railway and construction companies can completely or partially relieve themselves from turnout maintenance, by placing the task in the competent hands of voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany Service. Furthermore, as before, voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany Service accompanies the installation of turnouts with its special expertise in the engineering and production of turnouts.

    Service Tailored to your Needs

    Our customers can have various concepts developed for their inspection and maintenance contract. This can include complete maintenance or only particular areas, where the customer requires our expertise. Customers can decide to what extent they want to be relieved.

    Without Exception: Experts in Turnout Production

    The best engineers and turnout mechanics work at voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany Service. They possess experience in the production of turnouts and can leverage this unique synergy, to ensure the lowest technical and financial expenditure for the railway companies.


  • voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany excels in a high potential of engineering and R&D capacity.

    Our engineers work worldwide on

    • Special customer requirements
    • High speed, industrial, heavy haul and MRT & LRT challenges
    • LCC (Life Cycle Costs) optimized turnouts and diamond crossings

    The central engineering organization in the voestalpine Railway Systems Group coordinates the flow of know-how within the Group and the locations.

    Customized solutions

    We analyze the demands of our customers and recommend the best technical and economical solution. The combination of excellent human potential and extraordinary technical know-how enables us to find customer-oriented solutions within the shortest possible time.

    Customized geometry

    By consistently exploiting geometric and physical laws, we design our turnouts for maximum comfort, minimum wear and longest service life.

  • Success through competence - We know the specific requirements of today and the demands of the future. We have strong research capabilities, modern construction methods and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

    Our engineers have the most advanced equipment to develop products that will meet the needs of the future.

    We currently hold more than 1000 patents within our corporate group.

    • Ensuring and improving the quality of our products and services extends to all business processes.