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Looking for the lightweight automotive design of tomorrow?

The automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented change. Technological developments are progressing at an enormous pace. The demands on efficiency and safety are enormous and are being completely redefined in ever shorter periods of time. In this highly innovative environment, anyone who believes that today's solutions must be valid tomorrow will be proven wrong by the competition. voestalpine is working now on the solutions of tomorrow. Whether for crash components, exposed panels that meet the highest surface requirements or body-in-white components, voestalpine provides the best solution for every demand of the automotive and automotive supplier industries. That is why leading OEMs and automotive component suppliers place their trust in voestalpine.

Let your ideas fly! That's ultralights

Transforming ideas into lighter, stronger and more corrosion-resistant components. That is the credo of ultralights made by voestalpine. The ultralights made by voestalpine offer a comprehensive range of steels for lightweight automotive design, from advanced high-strength steels (ahss) for cold forming to innovative solutions for the hot forming of galvanized press-hardening steels (phs). That is how voestalpine pushes the limits of what is efficiently feasible in the automotive industry.

Lightweight AND crash-safe!

Weight reduction is a central objective in the automotive industry. Less weight results in advantages in performance and efficiency. But does reduced weight also mean less stability? Results from the voestalpine crash simulator prove otherwise. This is where the high-strength and innovative car body steels of voestalpine are tested to the limit so they can be used in demanding applications, even in the most extreme cases. The results speak for themselves. The progressive buckling behavior and energy absorption values are excellent in spite of the light weight of the material.

Who's Stella?

Stella Sustainable is a testimonial to the sustainable future of the automotive industry. Holistic corporate social responsibility (CSR) is of particular importance to voestalpine. There are many other issues in addition to climate protection, future steel production, ecological logistics and transparent supply chains. Because we care. Stella stands for a vision of the future in which mobility and the environment do not contradict each other.

Ready for a new Xperience?

The ahss high-ductility, complex-phase steel CP1400HD made by voestalpine redefines the limits of what is feasible in lightweight automotive design. Impressive formability and light weight in a strength class of 1400 MPa. The next level of cold forming.

Electrical steel for the drive

In addition to lightweight design and safety, the need for highly efficient electrical steel for rotors and stators in the drive train is becoming increasingly important in electromobility. There are already more than 100 electric motors installed in conventional cars. New drive motors present the industry with completely new challenges. isovac® is the electrical steel made by voestalpine and meets the challenges of highest energy efficiency.

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Foundry products

Maintenance-free sliding elements

Maintenance-free sliding elements

voestalpine Giesserei Linz GmbH supplies ready-to-install sliding elements and bushings in a wide variety of designs and bronze materials.

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Maintenance-free sliding elements

Areas of application

  • Automotive industry (tool guides, auto body presses)
  • Plastic injection molding machines and injection molding tools
  • Mechanical engineering, steelmaking plants and rolling mills
  • Construction and brick industries
  • Dam systems and hydro-power engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • Welding technology
  • Packing industry
  • Crane and conveying engineering


Custom-made products

voestalpine Giesserei Linz GmbH supplies ready-to-install sliding elements and bushings in a wide variety of designs: Slide plates up to 1300 x 500 mm, bushings, rings and cast parts up to a unit weight of 1 ton. All sliding elements can also be manufactured in a wide variety of different bronze materials.


Each sliding element is assigned a serial number. Indication of this unique sliding element number is sufficient when placing orders.

Maintenance-free sliding elements WF 750

  • Maintenance-free 
  • Wear-resistant 
  • Low friction 
  • Short-term top temperature up to roughly 200 °C 
  • No lubricant contamination 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Corrosion-resistant 
  • Resistant to impact loads 
  • Especially suitable for oscillating sliding movements 
  • Stick-slip-free sliding 
  • Long service life


isovac® is the electrical steel made by voestalpine and stands for highest energy efficiency in future-oriented sectors such as e-mobility and generator manufacturing.

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phs ultraform


For galvanized press hardened components in indirect hot forming suitable for particularly complex component geometries and large components.

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For galvanized press hardened components in direct hot forming suitable for complex components, even in small quantities.

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ahss exposed

ahss exposed

High-strength steels with unique surface quality and excellent corrosion resistance for exposed-panel applications

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hot rolled drive

hot rolled drive

The product family of hot-rolled drive steels is the answer at voestalpine to hot-rolled micro-alloyed steels that impressively exceed the specifications of the VDA 239-100 standard.

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martensitic steel

martensitic steels

Cold-forming steels of the highest voestalpine quality whose high strength closes the gap to hot-forming steels.

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phs uncoated


For press-hardened components where corrosion protection is not an issue in the intended area of application.

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ahss high-ductility

ahss high-ductility

The further development of ahss-classic dual-phase and complex-phase steels with a previously unattained balance of properties

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ahss classic

ahss classic

ahss classic steels made by voestalpine are dual-phase and complex-phase steels with property profiles for a wide range of applications.

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phs scalefree


The first hot forming steel up to 2000 MPa with a thin zinc coating.

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