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W14HH rail fastening system

W-14HH type fastening system is designed for heavy rail traffic with a maximum acceptable axle load of 350 kN.

Underneath the rail, there is a rail seat pad of high static stiffness. Due to the mid-loop of the clip that is situated over the rail foot, the rail fastening is characterized by additional flexibility. This eliminates the possibility of overloading the clip arms and their plastic deformation, as well as prevents rail rotation.

Features and Advantages of W14HH Type System:

  • Simple installation, all of the components can be pre-assembled to the sleeper before taking it to the construction site
  • Construction and characteristic of the Skl spring clip reduces rail rotation on narrow track curves
  • Rails high rail resistance value to longitudinal displacement, preventing dangerous rail deformationon on contactless tracks
  • Interchangeability of all fastening elements
  • Optionally, the system can be equipped with an antiabrasive pad to prevent excessive wear of fastening elements
  • System meets also AREMA2020 requirements