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UNISTAR HR NG Point Machine

The UNISTAR HR NG point machine is an electro-mechanic point machine for freight, urban and mixed traffic.

The electro-mechanic UNISTAR HR NG is applicable for all gauges starting with 900 mm. Due to its very compact design the locking unit can be installed between the gauges. The weight of the entire setting unit including the internal lock is approx. 75 kg

The connecting rods compensate for thermal expansion and contraction of the switch points without affecting the end position adjustments. The motor voltage is ad-justable from 110 to 550 V AC or DC and the setting force can be adjusted up to 8 000 N.

UNISTAR HR NG is the newest member of the UNISTAR HR series which also includes:

Worldwide under various environmental and operational conditions, the UNISTAR HR family proves market lead-ing quality and reliability. All family members offer wa-tertight and dust-tight boxes certified according to IP67.


  • Durable watertight and dusttight box, according to IP67
  • No space outside the track required
  • No interference with walkways
  • Extremely low profile – 168 mm constructional height only
  • Safe and reliable, designed according to SIL4
  • Locking parts visible, made of special steel
  • Easy access to end position contacts
  • Easily installed
  • Low maintenance, low wear and tear, low noise emmision
  • Compensation of thermal expansion of tongues
  • Electronic detection, therefore no coupling necessary

Features of UNISTAR HR NG:

Item Value
Installation Track center
Turnout type T-rail and grooved rail turnout
Track gauge Starting with 900 mm
Throw 34 – 160 mm
Setting time 2 – 4 seconds
Setting force Adjustable up to 8 kN
Motor voltage 110 – 550 V AC and DC
Dimensions 577 x 390 x 168 mm
Weight Approx. 75 kg
Locking system Internal interlocking prism lock
Protection class IP67