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UNISTAR HR COMPACT is an electro-hydraulic point machine for freight, urban and mixed traffic.

The electro-hydraulic UNISTAR HR COMPACT has drive, locking and setting mechanisms in one housing.
The connecting rods compensate for thermal expansion and contraction of the switch points without affecting the end position adjustments. Integrated pressure heads positively close the adjoining tongue against the stock rail.

The UNISTAR HR series also includes:

Worldwide under various environmental and operational conditions, the UNISTAR HR family proves market lead-ing quality and reliability. All family members offer wa-tertight and dust-tight boxes certified according to IP67.


  • Drive and locking unit are installed in a com-pact enclosure
  • One drive unit controls up to three setting levels
  • For narrow gauge
  • Only one interface to interlocking system even with several setting levels
  • Visible internal locking device
  • Adaptable to all interlocking systems
  • Utmost flexible for installation incl. installa-tion on top of concrete sleepers
  • UNISTAR HR compact is already installed in over 500 turnouts
Item Value
Safety level SIL4 gemäß DIN EN 50126, 50128 and 50129S
Environment conditions temperature -40 to +80°C, Solar Radiation tested with 1120 W/m², humidity up to 95 %
Protection class IP54
Weight approx. 145 kg
Throw 60 - 220 mm, adjustable
Throw time 2 - 5 seconds
Throw force up to 5 kN
Motor voltage 24 - 750 V AC or DC
Locking device Internal interlocking prism lock