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UNILIGHT railway signals are used for various applications.



The SIL3 certified UNILIGHT SMART signal is available in different versions.
While the stop and go signal variant - depending on the type of installation of the circuit board in the housing - shows the railway signal terms F0 / F1 or F2 / F3 or W0 / F6 (X), the point position indicator variant shows the signal terms W1, W2 or W3 - with locking W11, W12 or W13 - and thus shows the direction of the reached end position of the turnout. 
The UNILIGHT SMART F5 signal, on the other hand, indicates the signal term F5 - right of way.



The use of a durable 244-LED matrix enables the voestalpine UNILIGHT MATRIX SIGNAL to display most common railway signal terms.
The signal is operated in conjunction with a control system (PLC) which controls the selected signal term via a 10-pole cable. Of course, it is also possible to use a customer-specific set of signal terms.


Point Position Indicator

The voestalpine point position indicator is available in two versions:

  • The version WLM (point position indicator) with three LED fields each on the front and rear side
  • The DKWLM version (double crossover point position indicator) with five LED fields each on the front and rear side

The task of the switch position indicator is to indicate for which travel path the switch or the double crossover switch.


Point Position Indicator

The voestalpine UNILIGHT LED Point Position Indicator was developed for the application area of switches. Through the matrix boards on the front and rear side, the railway signal indicates the position of the points, both from the pointed and the blunt side, and the status of the track blocking shoe. Any symbols can be displayed by the LEDs. A total of up to 1024 different symbols can be displayed. 

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