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UNILIGHT LED PPI Point Position Indicator

The voestalpine Signaling point position indicator is designed for the use with turnouts. It has two matrix circuit boards in the front- and rear side.

The signal indicates the position of the point, in the facing and trailing direction, or the state of the derailer, The LEDs can be used to display any symbol. A total of up to 1024 different symbols can be stored.

Technical data for UNILIGHT LED PPI

Item Value
Nominal operating voltage 24 V DC ( + / - 10%)
Environmental temperature -20° to +70°
Environmental air humidity 5 to 95 % (rel)
Solar heat load 1120 W/m²
Nominal power consumption (PPI) 20 W
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Housing Colour RAL 9005
MTBF 1.360.000 h (at 25°C)
FIT (Failure in Time at 106h) 734 FIT

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