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Sleeper with optional under sleeper pads

Turnout sleepers made of concrete with under sleeper pads. Railroad ties, crossties or railway sleepers support rails in railroad tracks.

Under sleeper padding for concrete bearers in ballasted track increases the track stability, protects the ballast and reduces structureborne noise and airborne noise by reducing rail damage to the running surface of the rails.

Technical description:

  • Meets EN16730
  • Mounted in the sleeper plant
  • Common bedding modulus: 0.1 to 0.3 N/mm3


  • Reduction of dynamic forces in the ballast bed = improvement of the track stability
  • Enlargement of the contact surface between the sleeper and ballast = ballast protection
  • Distribution of loads over a larger number of sleepers = extension of the service life between tamping intervals
  • Reduction of ripple and slip wave formation
  • Retrofitting of track tracks with vibration protection

Under sleeper pads

The permanent bond between the concrete sleeper and the under sleeper pads is already produced during the production in the concrete sleepers plant. Depending on the requirements such as axle loads and speeds, materials of different stiffnesses are used as under sleeper pads. For example, within a turnout, sleeper pads of different stiffness values are used in order to achieve the most uniform deflection as possible throughout the turnout. Special FEM calculation programs are used for the optimized design.

Material of under sleeper pads: Material and stiffness according to requirements (e.g. foamed polyurethane)