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PHS 1601 Point Heating System

The point control heating system PHS 1601 is used to remotely control electric point heating elements.

Our turnout systems are operating in more than 50 countries worldwide. Therefore, we have an extensive database of most diverse weather conditions and subsequently related behavior of turnouts and setting systems at our command. Furthermore, we investigated the turnout’s thermal performance and optimized its heat input.

PHS 1601 operates as a stand-alone solution as well as integrated into a cross-location point heating system. Standard configurations are available off the shelf.


  • Ultra-compact and user-friendly control system
  • One control unit can control up to 16 2-channel power modules
  • Intelligent energy module, energy-saving, longer life cycle of heating elements
  • Direct switching via intelligent power module, no seperate contractor required
  • Permanent control of the heating capacity depending on rail temperature to minimise power
  • Web-based configuration: no additional software required
  • Multi-sensor mode, flexible sensor concepts
  • Parameterizable current limits at channel level
  • The control unit meets the requirements of DB standard 954.9101 "Electric point heating systems"
  • Extensibility: Plug&Play Update, USB interface
  • Can be integrated into existing infrastructures and control systems
  • Connection to central weather service possible

Features of PHS 1601:

Item Value
Nominal operating voltage 24 V DC (+-10%)
Environmental temperature -25°C ... +70°C
Environmental air humidity 0 % ... 95 % (rel.)
Nominal current consumption 4 W (at 24 V DC)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 117,3 x 50,1 x 133 mm
LCD display resolution 128 x 64/8 lines
Status display 11 LEDs
Lightning protection 1.000 V DC
RS485 3x – potential free input
Ethernet interface yes
Analogue input 4-20 mA (humidity sensor)
Digital inputs 8
Digital outputs 8
USB port 1x USB2
Voltage range heating 115-230 V AC or 750 V DC (+20 %-10 %)
Maximum power per channel Max. 4.000 W / 1

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