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ME1/2 rail fastening systems

The ME1/2 fastening system is used for fastening 60E1/49E1 UIC rails to ensure the required track gauge and rail clamping force and to prevent longitudinal movement of the rail.

The system is designed for slab track (metro, tram) with a maximum allowable axle load of 180 kN according to EN 13481-5 Cat. B criteria for fastening systems.

The main element of the ME1/2 fastening is a base plate made of a special plastic composite, which is integrated with the W14 system through the foamed TPU or EPDM rail pad. The use of different rail pad stiffnesses ensures that the static stiffness of the system can be adapted to the requirements of specific railway tracks.

Technical aspects of the ME 1/2 fastening systems:

  • Typical application - tram, metro on ballastless track
  • Axle load - max. 180kN
  • Clamping force for SKL14 (nominal) - min. 9kN
  • Vertical adjustment by means of the adjustment pad under the base plate 
  • Gauge adjustment in the range of ┬▒ 10 mm
  • Static rigidity according to customer requirements
  • ME1/2 offers the possibility of pre-assembly and is dedicated to slab track produced in top-down technology
  • Rail pad made of foamed TPU or EPDM
  • The plastic base plate is designed to prevent air from being trapped in the lower part of the base plate during concreting