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ME1/2 rail fastening systems

The W14 rail fastening system is designed for railway lines of the C and D category according to EN 13481-2: 2012 standard, with a maximum permissible axle load of 260kN.

The system is dedicated for slab track (Metro, Tram, Railway) on the maximum allowable axle load of 26 tons (260 kN / axle), according to EN 13481-5:2017 cat. C.

The main element of the ME1/2 fastening is a base plate made of special plastic composite integrated with the W14 system through the foamed TPU rail pad. Using different stiffness of rail pad ensures the adjustment of system static stiffness according to the requirements of specific railway tracks.

Characteristics and Advantages of the ME 1/2 Systems:

  • vertical adjustment by using the regulating pad under the base plate for horizontal adjustment within ┬▒5 mm by using different types of angled guide plates
  • the use of foamed under rail pad ensures the adjustment of the system static stiffness according to customer requirements
  • ME1/2 offers the possibility of preliminary assembly and is dedicated for slab track produced in top-down technology
  • rail pad made of foamed TPU offering greater ability to damp vibrations compared with the standard rail pads
  • special marking on the corners of the plastic base plate is used to control the allowed concrete level during slab track production
  • material of the rail pad: EVA, TPU
  • possibility to use anti-thief screws with a triangle head shape