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Insulated Rail Joints IVB 30 / IVG 30

Insulated rail joints are used to purposefully interrupt the current flow in the rails in order to be able to form self-contained access fields which are necessary for the use of track release systems.

The insulated rail joints of types IVG 30 and IVB 30, developments of voestalpine BWG, are characterized by the insulating gap arranged in the rail head at 30° to the direction of travel. This allows the wheel to roll over without interruption. This permits a reduction of the dynamic wheel contact forces when passing, thus reducing wear and noise.

Technical description:

  • Factory-made non-breathing rail joints with glued fish plates and high-strength bolted connections
  • Fishplates or reinforced fishplates as connecting elements depending on axle load and dynamics
  • Reduced deflection in particular for highspeed and heavy-duty traffic by increased moment of inertia
  • Inclined cut from the rail head to the drill hole in the middle of the rail web at an angle of 30° to the longitudinal direction of the rail and then continued at a right angle to the rail, thus ensuring a continuous wheel passage
  • IVG 30 for track curves with radii R ≥ 5,000
  • IVB 30 with tip machining in the running edge area for track curves with R < 5,000 m


  • For all common rail profiles
  • Factory-made rail connections
  • Usability in all climate zones and environmental conditions
  • Reduction of structure-borne and airborne noise
  • Increased riding comfort
  • Low wear
  • Lw maintenance costs
  • High availability