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IE2010 End Position Detector

The internal end position detector or field detector serves to monitor the position of the open and the closed switch blade. It detects and reports any gauge narrowing/widening and possible turnout trailing processes. The minimum switch blade opening in the locking area will be monitored.


  • Compatibility with various interlocking systems
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Slim-fit design => perfect for installations in tunnels
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Like for like replacement of existing end position detectors
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Customized solutions
  • Applicable for all turnout types
  • Maximum safety, reliability and availability, even in harsh environmental conditions (≥ IP65)
  • Little weight (<20 kg)
  • A system approved according to CENELEC 50126/50129

Maximum Safety. The end position detector IE2010 makes a decisive contribution to guarantee track availability and sustainable operational safety. Its independence of the interlocking system as well as the usability for all types of turnouts, gauges and vignol rails guarantee the universal applicability of the system. The IE 2010 is characterized by its narrow dimensions, which makes it ideal for fully automated tamping. Completely pre-assembled detector halves allow simple assembly and easy adjustment work – no mechanical reworking is required. The end position detector IE 2010 can be installed both as an end position detector in combination with a standard setting system and in combination with the drive, locking and detection system HYDROSTAR® in a high-speed track.

Technical characteristics of IE2020 End Position Detector

 Designation Value / Type
 Gauge  from 1430 mm
 Number of monitoring levels  max. 10
 Switch openings  50 to 145 mm
 Suitable for longitudinal movements  ± 40 mm
 Overall mass  ~ 50 kg (incl. mounting)
 Mass of a detector half  ~ 10 kg
 Ambient temperature  -40 °C to +70°C