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Adjustable Guide Rail

Track systems and turnouts (systems) made of grooved rails are characterised by the fact that they are usually not in the separate railway body, but rather are in the road area in the covered state, usually being driven on by individual traffic.

In conventional covered design of grooved rail turnouts flush with the street, the individual components cannot be reached from the outside. To avoid premature replacement of individual components, only build-up welding can be used as repair technology. However, the welding technology requires a sufficient weldability of rail materials. However, this is not the case when using highly wear-resistant materials. That is why voestalpine BWG developed several designs in recent years that allow for the replacement of individual components in the covered state. In addition to the switch adapter for switch assemblies ZAD 30/45/S and the interchangeable crossing WHZ-T, the adjustable guide rail also follows this development. The requirements identified at the start were consistently implemented with respect to maintenance that is as maintenance and repair-friendly as possible. voestalpine BWG has developed a design that for the first time makes it possible to achieve the adjustment in the horizontal direction by a mutual displacement of two slanted planes in a vertical direction.


  • Suitable for all rail profiles
  • Use highly wear-resistant steel for the adjustable
  • Guide rail strip (e.g. HARDOX 400 or 500)
  • Good, easy accessibility of the adjustment mechanism
  • Precise adjustment in tenths of a millimetre
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Optimum track guiding throughout the service life
  • Fast amortisation
  • Adjustment without impairing the top layer and opening the cover or closure panels