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voestalpine Track Solutions Königsborn GmbH

The voestalpine Track Solutions Königsborn GmbH (former voestalpine Rail Center Königsborn GmbH) is a company of voestalpine AG, in the Metal Engineering Division, division rail technology. As a service provider for the leading rail suppliers, we ensure the extensive and timely delivery to the construction sites of the track network operators. We employ 27 people to ensure our product range.

    • 2006: Foundation and new construction as a high-performance welding plant for the 30 m roll length that was common at that time by ThyssenKrupp AG as ThyssenKrupp Langschienen GmbH
    • 2009: Optimization of the plants on roll lengths of 120 m and enlargement of the rail bearings
    • 2010: Renamed ThyssenKrupp long rails, business area of ThyssenKrupp GfT Gleistechnik GmbH
    • 2014: Takeover of the plant by voestalpine AG and establishment of a GmbH under the leadership of the Metal Engineering Division of voestalpine AG, as voestalpine Rail Center Königsborn GmbH



Managing Director - CEO



Managing Director - CFO