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zentrak Switch Condition Monitoring

Switch condition monitoring (SCM) enables operators to reduce switch failures and optimise maintenance processes. Switch failures can be the result of mechanical, environmental or electrical problems and often require multiple departments or experts to find a solution. 


Use intelligent switch condition monitoring systems such as zentrak SCM to detect impending failures at an early stage. Maintenance can be prioritized based on the asset condition, and the additional information provided by zentrak SCM enables targeted troubleshooting. Measuring points for this can be custom-defined to meet your requirements and more points can be added at any time. That guarantees maximum flexibility and planning security. As a result, you can introduce required measures promptly, prevent failures and ensure maximum availability.

zentrak SCM features the following advantages:

  • Independent of drive and interlocking technology as well as IT environment
  • Modular design
  • Easy to retrofit measuring points
  • Flexible monitoring solution: Data is acquired centrally in the interlocking or directly at the turnout
  • Seamless monitoring of the operating state
  • Wide variety of national and international approvals exist

How does switch condition monitoring work?

SCM Switch Condition Monitoring Dashboard
zentrak SCM provides for up to 40% fewer turnout failures

Without switch condition monitoring, failures occur unexpectedly and only two operating states can be determined. The asset is either available or it is out of order. As a result, the entire operation comes to a standstill, causing unnecessary delays.

Switch condition monitoring prevents failures and increases availability of railroad lines

When assets are equipped with switch condition monitoring, then there is one more measurable state. Determination of this additional asset condition enables impending failures (limit violations) to be identified and measured. The recorded data is analyzed, which enables maintenance planning and corrective measures to be initiated in a timely manner. In addition, zentrak SCM is a valuable tool for eliminating irregularities because it helps accelerate the tedious process of troubleshooting. Accordingly, an irregularity can be remedied quickly and with little effort.

Intelligent switch machine

SCM Switch Condiiton Monitoring

In combination with our zentrak diagnostic system, our intelligent switch machine is an extremely effective tool for your maintenance team. Your railway system becomes better, more efficient and more profitable. The sensors required for this are mounted directly on the switch machine and/or on the hydraulic force transmission system. These are either pre-installed as an integrated solution or can be modularly retrofitted. The measured data acquired by them is evaluated directly on the data logger, meaning that irregularities can be detected based on assessment criteria. If the measured data is OK, it is temporarily stored and transmitted to the diagnostic platform at an interval that can be freely selected. In the event of irregularities, the data is immediately transmitted to the platform for further analysis via a data link. As a result, the regional supervisors receive a meaningful display of the performance and a precise analysis system for management.


  • Battery-operated or wired
  • Data generation and acquisition of information
  • Data transmission by means of SIM/modem or wired connection
  • Visualization on the intelligent zentrak diagnostic platform
  • Access via terminals or mobile end devices

Possible measured variables:

  • Setting force, time, duration and position
  • Current curve
  • System pressure / setting pressure
  • Oil level
  • Water ingress
  • Temperature, etc.

zentrak SCM – your partner for all track systems

We cover the turnout portfolio of the whole world with zentrak SCM. No matter what type of rail transport, application area, turnout geometry or manufacturer, the diagnostic system can be used by all railways. Furthermore, it is adapted to your requirements depending on the local conditions. 

This is true for both vignol rail and grooved rail turnout systems. For example, with compact sensors combined in blocks, using existing piping for cable routing or housing the data logger in existing control cabinets, the requirements for grooved rail turnout systems in particular are met.

Vignol rail turnout systems

Grooved rail turnout systems