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zentrak Intelligent Diagnostic Platform

zentrak offers a fully digitalized and intelligent monitoring system for trackside and fixed assets that can be individually adapted to the customer’s needs. All categories and functions are available within an integrated software platform.

ROADMASTER® Intelligent Railway Diagnostic


  • Simple and intuitive operation from desktop or mobile devices
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Early detection of future fault sources
  • Real-time condition monitoring
  • Visualization of the as-is and to-be condition of the monitored assets
  • Data interpretation enables recommendations for action and thus predictive maintenance planning
  • Customizable user interface, reporting function and KPIs
  • Alarm function in the event of a deterioration or critical system condition

The failure reduction of 42% since using zentrak SCM has convinced us.


Made-to-measure functions

Highly customizable functions make it possible to meet your precise needs, ranging from data acquisition to reporting functions.
Depending on the application, the recorded data is evaluated and specific condition and service information is developed. On "dashboards", the data is clearly displayed according to the end user in the following levels:

  • Management information
  • Regional overviews for area managers
  • Detailed view of individual assets for expert users

The clear display of asset conditions saves time and guarantees you focus on the essentials.

Visualization of the system condition

Roadmaster dashboard railway diagnostic

zentrak visualization solutions ensure a clear display of the actual and target condition of your assets, independent of the browser and the terminal device used (PC, tablet or smartphone). The data is evaluated in a great depth of detail for each application.

KPIs & reporting

Roadmaster KPIs & Reporting Railway Diagnostic

The asset condition is evaluated according to customer requirements and based on defined key performance indicators (KPIs). The graphical display guarantees a concise overview of the asset condition. Color coding (red) means that critical conditions can be seen at a glance. The reports can be generated in user selectable intervals (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly reports) and with content adapted to customer requirements. Based on the measurement data, statistics are generated which, through the application of filters, diagrams and the presentation of KPIs, provide a meaningful overall analysis result.

Forecast analytics

Roadmaster Forecast Analytics Railway Diagnostic

The application of mathematical analytics models enables targeted and fact-based prevention of asset failures, taking past and current data into account. Some applications allow the expected remaining useful life of the monitored asset to be predicted even now, taking into account the current operating condition.


Roadmaster Forecast Analytics Railway Diagnostic

You will be given an automatic warning as soon as the asset enters a critical condition; the alarm limits for this can be individually defined. Depending on the type and severity of the fault, different escalation levels are provided and downstream processes such as information to maintenance personnel, diagnostics or fault cause analysis are triggered.

zentrak categories

All available zentrak categories can be integrated via the diagnostic and monitoring platform, allowing the condition of the track or fixed assets to be analyzed and visualized as a whole.

By using various sensors, measured variables are quantitatively recorded in order to determine the performance and state of the monitored asset. The use of non-invasive technology allows a completely risk-free measurement. Hardware with flexible options that were developed specifically for railway applications, processes the information from the sensors. Special database servers analyze the recorded information and generate performance statistics for all assets, which are the basis for decisions on an availability-based maintenance strategy.

  • Independent of existing infrastructure
  • Tested feedback-free date acquisition
  • Approved by leading railways across the world
  • Possible integration with existing IT environment
  • Tool for the maintenance process