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zentrak Environmental Condition Monitoring

Environmental Condition Monitoring (ECM) measures wayside environmental conditions.

Safe Railway Operation by Measuring the Current Environmental Conditions

Railroad operators must ensure safe and reliable operation in any environmental conditions. The ECM offers various sensors that provide current weather data in real time. Especially at bridges and open aisles, strong crosswinds occur from time to time, which can endanger safe train passage. Installed in tunnels, the sensor system provides airflow direction, which in the event of a fire informs the rescue team of the direction in which the smoke and toxic gases are drifting. Passengers are also evacuated in the tunnel along the safest route based on this information.


  • Safety management of railway operations during heavy weather conditions
  • Reliable information for the operator to adapt train operations due to weather conditions
  • Warning of heavy rain and flooding
  • Exact measurement of wind direction and wind force
  • Air flow measurement in tunnels for optimal evacuation
  • Resistant system to salt spray, dirt and icing
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Long service life and long maintenance intervals

Technical Specifications:

Wind speed: 0 - 60m/s, ± 3% at 10m/s
Available measured values: Average, Maximum, Minimum
Wind direction: 0° - 360°, ± 3° at 10m/s
Precipitation measurement: Rain, Hail
Temperature measurement: -52 bis +60°C 
Protection class: IP65 (with optional mounting kit: IP66)
Input voltage range: 6 - 24VDC