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zentrak Dragging Equipment Detection

Dragging Equipment Detection (DED) monitors the undercarriage of passing trains for dragged parts

Detection of Dragging Equipment

Train parts such as couplings, chains or hoses can be dragged under a train and damage the infrastructure. The DED function protects people next to the track, important installations such as switches, level crossings, ETCS balises or signals from such damage. In case of dragged parts on the train, the sensor generates an alarm in real time, which is reported to the control center or sent directly to the train driver to prevent consequential damage. Potential alarm thresholds can be influenced via mechanically adjustable components. The DED automatically returns to its initial position, which can be ensured by continuous monitoring of the sensor. Thus, it is ready for the next impact to report further hanging parts of a train. Optionally, the system can be equipped with a camera, which transmits reliable images of an impact both during the day and at night.


  • Protection for important infrastructure assets and increase of safety in railroad operations
  • Detection of dragging parts
  • Continuous monitoring of paddle position to ensure functionality
  • Increased availability by reducing consequential damage
  • Low maintenance, robust construction
  • Installation on wooden, concrete and steel sleepers possible
  • No influence on track maintenance
  • Suitable for all track profiles
  • Optional: image recording of the impact during day and nights


Technical Specifications:

Impact detection: Inductive proximity sensor
Measurement signal: current interface 4 to 20mA / Digital contact (NC)
Input voltage: 15 to 30V DC
Track gauge width: 1435mm (others on request)
Environment: -40 to +80°C