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zentrak Derailment Detection

zentrak Derailment Detection (DRD) reliably detects derailed wheels.

Infrastructure Protection

As the major component of each railway, the rails have to be observed with exceptional attention. Each maintenance has to be planned with a vast amount of preliminary work. Unplanned maintenance as well as accidents causes a lot of additional effort since neither the manpower is available, nor the train schedule is adapted. Hence, such an unplanned incident is accompanied by a lot of extraordinary issues. For the customer it means in the best cases train delay or even worse cancellation of service.
As a serious danger for rail vehicles derailed wheels cause considerable damage to railway infrastructure. The DRD is designed to detect derailed wheels and informs the dispatcher instantly.


  • Safety management of railway operations
  • Human and asset protection
  • Alarming and intervention
  • Simple sensor design
  • Easy installation with rail clamps
  • Dragging equipment protected
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Low life cycle cost

Technical Specifications:

Train speed: >0km/h
Cable length: Up to 8km
Weight of sensor: 44kg
Weight of protection plates: 4x 5.75kg
Environment: -40°C to +70°C