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V-COM Communication System for Railway Vehicles

The voestalpine V-COM is a wireless communication system between rail vehicles and the V-COM receiver (Control Unit).

The train identifies itself through the installed transponder unit and communicates via an antenna loop located in the track bed.

The communication is bidirectional – from the vehicle to the receiver and vice versa. The activation signal for the transponder is emitted by the receiver. The data are transmitted via a Loop Transceiver to the voestalpine V-COM unit or from the unit to the vehicle.

After reprocessing, the data is suitable for further transmission to switch- or signal-controllers or third party IT systems.


  • Vehicle information about type, line, route, cat, punct, staff, fleet
  • Triggering the relay circuit board
  • Point position control
  • Assigning priorities
  • Automated vehicle tracking
  • Transmission of data to third party systems
  • Configuration via web interface
  • Programmed data remains on the control board even in the event of a power failure