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UNISTAR CSV 24 Point Machine

Electro-hydraulic point machine with internal locking for freight and mixed traffic.

In the last decade the SIL4 certified UNISTAR CSV 24 has proven its extraordinary qualities in more than 40 countries in excess of 3.000 applications. Customers appreciate in particular:

  • Its stainless steel housing
  • The permanent and durable water tightness due to the special sealing system
  • Its Monoblock Hydraulic System with integrated operating cylinder
  • The clearly visible prism lock made of high- grade special steel
  • As well as its fully modular structure, significantly easing and reducing maintenance to the minimum

The point machine’s ultra-low profile enables for retrofit into existing earth boxes, thus avoiding any earth works!

Due to its continuously adjustable point opening UNISTAR CSV 24 is applicable for grooved rail as well as flat bottom rail turnouts with a throw range of 38 – 120 mm. Various fastening methods are available, like sleeper fixation angles, stock rail fixation, and earth boxes. All such fastening elements are made of hot dip galvanized steel, providing a long lasting corrosion protection.

With the UNISTAR CSV 24 a setting system is available which can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements and conditions thanks to its fully modular structure.. The MTTR value of the point machine is only 15 minutes.


The compact version of the point machine has been specially developed for replacing existing point machines in earth boxes of the EH-71 and VS-60 series. While the UNISTAR CSV 24 has identical components, the construction of the UNISTAR CSV 24 COMPACT could be shortened by 156 mm due to a turned hydraulic unit.

Features of UNISTAR CSV 24:

Item Value
Safety Integrity Class SIL4 according DIN EN 50126, 50128 and 50129
Installation track center or beside the tracks
Turnout Type T-rail or grooved rail turnouts
Track Gauge starting with 900 mm
Throw 38-120 mm, adjustable without part replacements
Setting Time 0.5-1.5 sec
Setting Force adjustable up to 6000 N
Holding Force adjustable up to 9000 N
Motor Voltage 24-750 V AC and DC, typical 110 V DC, 230 V AC, 400 V AC, 750 V DC
Locking System internal prism lock, trailable or non-trailable
Protection Class IP67


  • Durable watertight and dusttight stainless steel housing, IP 67 certified
  • Extremely low profile – 180 mm constructional height only
  • Monoblock drive unit: no pipes, no hydraulic expertise required, integrated damping
  • Locking parts made of hardened special steel » setting and detector rods made of stainless steel
  • Easyly mounted and dismounted
  • Certified accodring to CENELEC SIL 4
  • Lock parts visible » easy access to end position contacts
  • Trailable without damage, no loss of holding force
  • Safe and reliable
  • Low maintenance, low wear and tear, low noise emission
  • MTTR < 15 Minuten
  • Prepared for ROADMASTER® turnout monitoring system

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