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Switch Adapter with ZAD 30/45/S

Switch adapter for switch assemblies made of grooved rails.

Switch rails are the most sensitive components in turnouts and are exposed to the strongest loads. To protect them from increased wear, more resistant steels must be used than is required for the other components. Due to its special design, the switch adapter ZAD 30/45/S developed for this purpose meets all requirements for long lay times, ease of maintenance and high efficiency.

Technical description:

  • Switch design consisting of the tram switch rail with 30°/45° scarf joint or S-joint and dovetail guide, the standard rail with 30°/45° bevel or S-joint and the switch adapter with clamping wedge, connecting parts and anti-creep device
  • 30°/45° scarf joint and S-joint ensure a lowwear and quiet overrun from the switch to the standard rail.
  • A dovetail guide with the screwed clamping wedges allows for the force-fit connection and an additional form-fit connection
  • With an anti-creep device, additional protection against the longitudinal displacement of the switch


  • Low-wear overrun area due to a 30°/45° scarf joint or S-joint
  • Force-fit and form-fit, permanent screw connection instead of difficult and uneconomical welding
  • Economical solution due to short assembly times and significantly reduced maintenance
  • Short breaks for repairs in the track (switch replacement)
  • High level of availability