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SPHEROLOCK® NG Locking System

SPHEROLOCK® is a fully encapsulated and long-time lubricated locking system with a revolutionary locking principle. This locking system meets the highest requirements placed on reliability, minimum maintenance requirements, environmental compatibility and a very long life cycle at considerably reduced costs.


  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • Sealed components
  • Minimized maintenance efforts
  • Replacement of common clamp or claw locks
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Customized solutions
  • Applicable for all turnout geometries and movable crossings
  • Highest reliability and availability even in harsh environmental conditions
  • Trailable up to 40km/h
  • Safe and perfect position of switch blades at all times

Maximum reliability. The locking system SPHEROLOCK® is ideally suited for a wide range of applications. Due to the modular design and the use of specially adapted stock rail attachments or tongue attachments all commonly used rail profiles can be equipped. Optimum retrofitting is achieved through short replacement times, minimal adjustment work and no mechanical rework on the construction site. The compact design enables use in the intermediate sleeper case or a hollow steel sleeper at normal gauges but also at narrow gauges and broad gauges. In conjunction with a force system, it also is possible to equip turnouts with bigger radii and thus several switching levels even if there only is one point-operating unit.

Technical characteristics of SPHEROLOCK® locking systems:

Designation Value / Type
Gauge 1000 to 1600 mm
Strokes up to 220 mm
Tongue opening up to 160 mm
Opening oft he crossing point 65 to 110 mm
Ambient temperature -40 °C bis +80°C
Trailability of the switch assembly given up to 40 km/h
Longitudinal displacement of the tongue due to temperature changes 30 mm