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SBW3 rail fastening system

The SBW3-type rail fastening system is the SB-type rail fastening system, with all rail mounting elements designed and produced by voestalpine Railway Systems. 

This system is characterized by optimized parameters that are responsible for the way the rail is fastened. The SB4 rail clip can be used as an alternative to other SB rail clips. The unique bending technology and high-quality materials guarantee that the product provides the required pressure of the rail on the sleeper, as well as the possibility of elastic deformation of the rail in the horizontal plane by the action of lateral forces.

Technical aspects of the SBW3 fastening system

  • Typical application - conventional rail with concrete sleepers on ballasted track
  • Axle load - max. 260kN
  • Speed ≤250km/h
  • High rail longitudinal resistance - min. 9kN
  • Electrical resistance ≥ 5 kΩ
  • Clamping force for SB W3 fastening system - 20 kN ÷ 22 kN
  • Gauge adjustment in the range of ±4 mm
  • Rail pad material: TPU
  • Guaranteed long-term stability of the SB4 rail clip
  • Combination of PWE type rail pad and SB4 type rail clip provides very high shock absorption capacity (high damping rate) - min 40%.