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SBW3 rail fastening system

The SB W3-type rail fastening system is the next modification of the SB-type rail fastening system.

The technological innovation has been applied to the construction and characteristics of electro-insulating hold-down part of WIW type and the PWE type rail pad. This system is characterized by the optimized parameters responsible for the way rail is fastened. The SB4-type rail clip can be used as an alternative to other SB-type rail clips. The unique bending technology and high quality material guarantee that the product ensures the required pressure of the rail to the sleeper, as well as the possibility of resilient deformation of the rail in a horizontal plane by the action of lateral forces.

Features and Advantages of SB W3 Type System:

  • Construction of the SB4-type rail clip results in a smaller change of the clamping force as a result of exposure to repeated loading
  • Guaranteed stability of the SB4-type rail clip during the long-term service (without the risk of self-disconnection)
  • Improved quality of the SB4-type rail clip, better stress distribution across the rail clip
  • WIW-type electro-insulating hold-down part reduces utility costs without loss of performance parameters, thanks to the reduced weight and its asymmetrical shape
  • Combination of PWE-type rail pad and SB4-type of rail clip allows for a very high ability to attenuate impact loads of 61.2%