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SB Tram rail fastening system

The SB-type rail fastening system for tram lines works with the pre-stressed monoblock sleepers for R1, R2, 180S and 49E1 tram rails.

Rails laid on the surface of the rail pad between anchors (constantly sunk in the sleeper) are mounted with the SB4-type rail clip (or interchangeably with other SB-type rail clip), connected from one side to the anchor, pressing the top of the rail foot on the other side with a spring. Additionally, the rail pad is placed under the foot to isolate it from the spring clip and anchors with an electro-insulation hold-down part.

Features and Advantages of SB Type Rail Fastening System Tram Lines:

  • Reducing vibration transmission from the rail to the sleepers and ballast
  • Electrical insulation reducing traction stray currents to a minimum
  • High service durability
  • Reduced level of noise
  • Small number of the components, rapid and easy installation
  • Possibility of using mechanical mounting devices