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Rail Foot Clamp

Rail foot clamps are available for each type of rail, timesaving and a cost-effective alternative for the conventional cable trough.

For fast and secure cable laying along the rail, rail foot clamps are a reasonable alternative to the timeconsuming and costly construction of a conventional cable trough. Rail foot clamps instead offer a reliable, secure and cost-effective replacement. Furthermore, provision for temporary cable installation can be realized quickly and easily.

System features:

  • For fixation of cables of all types, e.g. earth and signaling cables, as well as rail foot mounted continuous train control (LWL cable)
  • Fixation of up to four cables per clip
  • Grade of material: stainless spring steel strip 30 x 2 mm, or our standard 30 x 1 mm
  • Approvals of DB AG (German railways), ÖBB (Austrian railways), SBB (Swiss railways) and others, as well as various public transport companies
  • Various assembly and disassembly tools available for easy and ergonomic handling
  • EBA approved
  • Patented design
  • Available for all kinds of rail sections

Easy mounting and dismounting of rail foot clamps

Easy mounting and dismounting of rail foot clamps


  • Fast and easy cable laying
  • Cleanly routed cable at the rail web
  • Weatherproof stainless steel clamp
  • Protected against vandalism
  • Rounded edges guarantee for secure protection
  • Standard clamp tool-free mounted

The suitable rail foot clamp

Type of rail:

Each rail section requires a respectively suited rail foot clamp. The ideal rail foot clamp fits perfectly to the rail foot and guarantees for a proper guidance and fixation of the cable at the rail, excluding any unwanted movement of it. Consequently, we provide particularly designed rail foot clamps for any type of rail and size of cable as well.

Material strength:

There are two material strengths available with our rail foot clamps: 1 mm and 2 mm. Our standard 1mm variant covers most application requirements. Its mounting to the rail is easily performed manually and tool-free. The 2 mm variant is designed with regard to heavy cable types. Mounting is performed by using an ergonomically designed tool for ease of installation. Due to the more health-friendly use many of our longstanding customers use this tool also for the 1 mm variant. Dismounting of the 2 mm version must always be performed using the tool and provides further protection against vandalism.